Algae, Mold and Cobwebs on My House

What Is That Green Stuff on My Siding?

The green stains on siding are usually mold, mildew, algae or moss. These stains occur naturally over a period of time. If your home siding begins to turn green, the exterior appearance of the home will diminish and lose value.

Where Does Algae on Siding Come From?

Algae is a photosynthetic organism that grows in moisture. Because the northern side of homes normally get less sunlight than others, this is a great place for algae, mildew and lichen to grow.

Is it Essential to Remove Algae and If So How?

Algae will not damage the structural integrity of you home but if left unattended it may permanently discolor your siding. The best way to rid you siding of algae, mold, cobwebs, and other organic stains is hire a professional power washing company or get out the ladder, pressure washer, brush, house cleaning mix and proper personal protection.

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